Day 4 New Years Eve!

Awesome sleep, woke up with a few aches n pains but nothing that won’t walk off. Hot cuppa coffee this morning as we waited till 8am when the camp store opened, so worth it.

Short hike this morning to Anakiwa. Track was swarming with walkers and mountain bikers, had to keep our whit’s about us lest we had an accident hehehe

Black Beauty

Hitch road section into Havelock, Bindi managed to book us into the Havelock Hotel, LUXURY. Guess who we found sitting in the pub…

Feeling tenfoot tall and bullet proof we attempted to visit every establishment in Havelock, starting with the Mussel Pot, by the time we left I’m sure we looked like a Mussel.

On to the Garden Bar were we looked very underdressed in our shorts and sandles. Got the feeling this was the where the holiday makers came in off their yachts to dine. Wine was great, many laughs. Next back to the Havelock Hotel… Local live band and all the locals, Bindi super happy as the had big bottles of Waikato. Cass and I were buying big bottles of bubbles cheaper than the wholesaler, happy days. We danced the night away..

Happy New Year everyone, especially these 2 crazy mates who mean the world to us!

Heading into the Richmond ranges today so no contact for about 8 days. Hope everyone is enjoying a good break, stay safe and have fun!

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