Day 2 and 3

School House Bay to Punga Cove 22km. Would have to say a great day we found a pub at lunch, Ferneaux Lodge and another one in the evening! I might be able to keep Bindi on trail if this keeps up

Punga Cove

Steady walking with lots of ups n downs. We met a lady today who was running the whole TA trail! It took her only 4 weeks to run the length of the North Island! Track is great, going from beech forests to wilding pines to manuka bush.

Legs n feet feeling pretty good so far.

Till now!  Day 3 Punga Cove to Te Mahia, 30km. Stunning views, helped me to take my mind of the hips and collarbone that has rubbed raw, and Bindi chaffing (George u were right, where r u when we need you😭)

Stunning views

Both pretty shattered, arrived at a little campground called Mistletoe Bay Campground, nice cold shower, didn’t care! felt great. Washed our clothes. Dinner I put too much water in our rehydrated dinner so was more like soup! Didn’t care! Now keen to crawl into my fart sack.

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