Richmond Ranges

Pelorus Bridge to Middy Hut 27km.   Feeling pretty nervous about starting this next section. They say that the next 2 sections are the hardest parts of the TA.  We collected our food box that we posted forward, all good, but now we have 12 kilos of food we have to split between us to last the next 9 days. 

We followed the Pelorus river all day.  I have never seen such emerald green water, I kept thinking I wanted to jump in. Hiking was good, nothing to hard yet, plenty of ups in downs, only issue we had was the weight on our back.  The hut was a small 6 bunk hut with 4 people in it but we decided to put up our tent outside with the other 1000 sandflies!     

First bath in the river when we got to camp, wow! Freezing cold but we had to stay under or the sandflies will eat u alive.                                               We met a crazy man who thought their was no moon, covid is fake and the world is flat, hence why we were happier in the tent,😜

2nd day we headed out planning to get to Hackett Hut 19km.  Hike was good, plenty of ups and some steep downs but mainly beech forest so fairly good ground.  Met a lovely lady Margaret from Papakura she is 70 years old and loves to hike! She had some great stories of her life’s hiking, a great inspiration.

Hackett Hut was a cool little hut,, we arrived about 5.30 pm with just enough sun for an even colder bath (if that’s possible)

Apparently I snore! Woke up in the morning to find our hut mate (Lucas) had taken his mattress and gone and slept in the wood shed! Opps

9 river crossings this morning then straight up! U know it is steep when u are on your toes and thinking your archilles is going to snap any minute. We walked with Lucas most of the day to the first hut, 4.5 hrs straight up!

Not even half way up 😳

Arrived to a stunning view and amazing little hut. Couscous and tuna for lunch (i could eat a horse).  We got cell coverage so feet up doing a little admin…. Before next section which is very exposed and steep.  Next post may not be for 4 days

2 thoughts on “Richmond Ranges

  1. One of my favorite bits of the trail! I really wished I’d stayed at the Hunters Hut (too early in day to stop) cos it has an awesome porch and view. Pizza awaits in Saint Arnaud 🙂


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