Day 8 – start of Tararua’s

Day 7 was a travel day, travelled back to Waikanae and checked into a motel. Sorted out our supplies for the next stage. We need a 4 day food carry to get over and into Levin.

10km of Road walking before we hit the track, really excited as the weather is going to be primo! Hit the track and went straight up for a couple of hours on a 4 wheel drive track. Then into the Bush, wow, would have to say it has been the nicest Bush I have walked in NZ.

A True Tree Hugger

The Bush turned into a forest yet the ground was spongy with leaves and thick green moss. Bindi was way ahead of me most of the time, takes me longer to climb over trees and I’m soooo slow going up hill. Came around a corner to find Bindi sitting in a small patch of sunlight. Lunch Time… I have a new favourite, wraps, mince, tabouli, Hummus and sour cream n chives potatoe chips .. Yum yum

Arrived at Parawai Hut at 6pm. No one around so took over! Feet up for 5 min to relieve the throbbing then get hot food. Spoke to soon, 2 guys turned up just as we eating. The mattress in the Hut with its thick plastic cover felt like heaven

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – start of Tararua’s

  1. I have ditched my phone for this method of communication , hope that suits you. I loved your Blog about your trek, it was just so good that you managed to get Bindi to join you and as you predicted that he enjoyed the experience. Now for plans, I am planning to come to Ham on Tues and meet Vicki’s bus, take her to Enderly Ave..I haven’t spoken to Deb for a few days but have messaged her as to her plans,so maybe tomorrow I will hear.. Natalie and family has said she wants to bring them here and stay over till Sunday. Jane de G wants to stay from Sat, Jenny is compromised by an ill daughter Priscilla, so not sure there but Jane has agreed to put some of Pats ashes with Alex which I suggested, hope none of my clan disagree. I’m delighted that you are all coming on Friday, do you know of a house we might beg, borrow or steal. I have been to see Trafford but their unit is all closed up, may go round there again tomorrow, as I don’t have their phone. Mike has been great in helping with gardening and planting some new shrubs and cutting back stuff, so we have a load of verbiage beside the cottage. I think that we have a new neighbour as of yesterday, as was mentioned by Ben H. I will go see her tomorrow.

    Enjoyed the Sent from my iPad Barbara Ground



  2. Fabulous looking forest. Very envious of you both. Looks like European travel is going to be severely curtailed re. Coronavirus – what a pain. Italy in lockdown, could well be the first of many.


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