Day 6 Porirua to Wellington – 26km

Early morning coffee at McDonald’s cafe then headed up to Colonial Knob lookout, gentle climb up through farm land

Up and over the Knob and now heading for Mt Kaukau. We found David on trail who we met a few days ago so we all hiked together for a bit.

Panorama view of Nth Isl to Sth Island

Long windy trail second part of the day, yet views were spectacular over Wellington and Sth Island to the west. Got to Wellington and do you think we could find some where to stay? No! no hostel, backpackers air bnb or hotel in a 50km radius!! Too tired to think about it so we found a pub instead. Had a we wash in the bathroom and felt human again.

Life is good, beer, bubbles and WiFi

We trolled the nearby streets and found a small dog walking park by a river in Ngaio. Nobody will see us I’m sure…..

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