Day 3 Levin 12km

Woke up to rain and a small puddle in our tent. This bugged me as I never had water in my tent!! Tried to figure out what u did wrong while trying to pack up in the rain. Wet t shirt, wet socks, wet shoes but didn’t really matter we only had a short day

Over a farm and across a few more rivers. We met a lady walking her horse. Her name was Sally, Sally invited us to her house for a cuppa and some breakfast. Turns out her and her husband run Makahika Outdoor Pursuit Centre. Awesome place and very inspiring people! John (ex airforce) advised us weather is too bad for Tararuas and we should skip to Waikanae and keep walking to Wellington. We can do Tararuas on the way back. Sally took us into Levin where we picked up resupply and got a bus to Waikanae to a nice warm hotel.

It’s not water!

Dried all our gear and washed clothes. Had a yummy burger at Waikanae Salt and Wood Collective. Bindi says “best burger ever”

4 thoughts on “Day 3 Levin 12km

  1. Tomorrow’s challenge is to have Bindi smiling in the photo – shouldn’t be too hard after the best burger ever, a night in a comfy hotel bed and no water anywhere it shouldn’t be!


  2. …… never had water in your tent before Irene? ………and Bindy just happens to be in it ?
    ……….mmmmmmmmm!!!!! cant imagine how it got there!!!! LOL…..


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