Day 4 – Waikanae to Paikakariki 23km

Awesome sleep, shower, crisp sheets and far to much food. Heading out minus a few things of Bindi’s. He seems to have misplaced his socks and bandana. We didn’t make it too far out of town before we saw a sign that said coffee and fresh baking.

Would be rude not too😜

Followed the Waikanae river for about 7km to the beach and then about 14km along beach. Kapiti Island in front of us and South Island in the distance.

Lunch in the park, top up with water and back on the beach

As if I hadn’t walked enough. Made me dizzy.

Coming into Paikakariki about 4.30, feeling quite parched so we headed to the pub. A few beers later we had spent the money we were supposed to use in the campground. Oh well, we don’t need a shower or anything so decided to stealth camp in the reserve. Amazing views of the sun setting over the South Island (no one will know we are here)….

5 thoughts on “Day 4 – Waikanae to Paikakariki 23km

  1. one of my most favorite spots! Absolutely LOVE following along a year later. Feels wonderful as it’s bitter cold and snowy outside in Minnesota. Any interest in the CDT in 2021?? much love, blissful hiker Singet


  2. Nice updates Irene. Great to hear you have some “Walk/Life Balance” on this journey using buses, pubs and cafeS to good effect.
    I wouldn’t bother applying for a job as a caged mouse given your novice status on the running wheel!
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