Day 1. Palmerston North – Kahuterawa 24km

On the motorbike heading to Palmerston North, Bindi tried to convince me to keep going to Wellington. Nope, not going to happen.

Nearly there, Waiouru

Richard dropped us off at the trail on the way to taking the kids to school. Ivy asked me “why do you like walking?” I told her its because it is uncomplicated, one foot in front of the other.

Following Turitea stream then onto a gravel road heading up into sheep n beef country. Easy walking, gradual climb we both happy to be on trail

Eating blackberries

Lunch was a yummy rehydrated mince, tabouli, hummus on a wrap. Off again onto a mountain bike track, nothing to hard but we were both tired and happy to see a cute hut to stop for night called Motorimu Hut. Lol, funny bindi was unpacking his bag and found he had bought 2 sleeping bags with him. No wonder his bag looked full but felt so much lighter than mine hehehe

One thought on “Day 1. Palmerston North – Kahuterawa 24km

  1. Awesome. This might feel a bit ho hum after the PCT but will still be a great experience. We did the Otago Rail Trail last weekend and really enjoyed it. Just Tania and I.
    How did Bindi end up with Two sleeping bags! Did you sneak your one into his pack?
    Keep up the updates Irene. I love reading them.
    Craig Sent from my iPhone


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