New Chapter, hiking with Bindi Ground

Mt Pirongia – Trial run

Headed out feeling excited, finally convinced Bindi he will love it as much as I do. Needed a practice run sleeping in my tent together to see if we fit. We are going to be sleeping in it for 14 nights so thought we better figure it out and lay down a few GROUND rules.
After a gruelling 6 hour climb up Mt Pirongia we set about making camp. Lesson 1, how to put tent up. Lesson 2, how to set up sleeping space. Lesson 3, keep your own shit on your side and remember where you put everything! don’t ask me where your hat or socks are hehehe

A cold night, will need to change a few things there. Woke up to a magic day, cuppa tea and hit the trail, some steep ups but even stepper downs. In general i would say we are perfect match for hiking, we were both looking forward to the beer at the Pirongia pub!!!

Look out for our next adventure starting in a few days Palmerston North to Wellington 250km!