Day 54

Had an amazing last night with Carmen. I am continuing on South bound and she was leaving trail. We hooked up with the first group of hikers I had met since Sthn California, Beast, Skittles and Saviour.Trail angel left us 3 boxes of beer between 6 hikers! Shit, what were we supposed to do… Pack it in ice and drink it!Next day I sat with the snow report and mapped out my next 300 miles. I am over the snow for many reasons so am now going to choose carefully where I will walk. Coming up in next 30 miles were 2 snow covered peaks so I hitched to Klamath Falls stayed a night in a hotel (washed my hair!) Found a trail angel who picked me n the Dutchies up and drove us to the trail head.Walked through a lava flow on n off for about 3 hours, terrain was a mixture of Black Rock, scoria and pine Forest.Heading to Hyatt Lake was 22 miles (35km), seems like a normal day now tired but relatively easy. I still have a sore shoulder but my No1 support Crew posted me some temporary shoulder pads while I wait for my Z Pack ones to arrive πŸ‘Today was a typical Oregon walk I think, pine forest. The campground was closed, nobody was around so we stashed our packs and walked another mile to the cafe at the resort for icecream, hamburger and wineπŸ™‚. Then it was safe to put up our tents, we even had a picnic table.Most campgrounds up here will open weekend of 4th July, Independence Day, so I will have to plan where I am going to be as it will be crazy busy. Heading to Ashland today, short hike 10 miles (16km)

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