50 Days

I don’t want to put this on face book but I do want to put this in my diary/blog. This trail does break me on days… The photos look amazing and u hear my hardships but some days the challenges are constant, 10 – 12 hours of walking more than 30km a day in conditions I am not used to … I don’t have anyone to share this challenge with as I crawl into my tent each night. I think of ALL of us that live life like this. BUT I do have the support of my amazing family back home who I think of constantly, Bindi, Marcus and Silvana.Crazy day today 7 miles down mountain and along 3 beautiful lakes. Rosary lakes, would have loved to stop and swim but the clouds of mosquitoes were just waiting for my bare ass.We decided to skip Mt Theilsen and Diamond Peak as they were both still 3 meters deep in snow. We skipped 20 miles of trail and after a quick resupply in Chumult joined the trail heading for Crater Lake.I left Carmen as I wasn’t ready to stop for the day. We made a plan to meet at Crater Lake the next night. She will pass me anyway as she hikes super fast!!Hiked through a burnout most if day. Signs of Elk were everywhere. I kept thing I would look up to a herd but never did. I heard them and at time could smell a strong scent, but no sighting.Crater Lake campground was closed but they let us camp for free anyway. Hot shower and a laundry were a blessing ( I needed it😎)Fed n watered we hitched a ride up to the crater rim, what a sight !!

2 thoughts on “50 Days

  1. Keep plodding on Irene… you don’t have to be at home to have all yr family with you😘😘😘😘😘😘


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