Day 48

Well patchy snow turned into A LOT of snow! The trail was completely covered so my terrible navigation skills had to come out. Thank goodness for my map on my phone. Needless to say the going was slow and included a number of minor slips n falls.

Carmen and I stayed together for most of this and somehow managed to find Nancy and Rafeal at lunch time.The mosquitoes here are insane! I ended up hiking in my rain gear as that seems to be the only thing they can’t bite through.Ended the day near one of the numerous lakes along with the thousands of mosquitoes. The 4 of us put up our tents and disappeared. The tent doors were black. I ventured out once to pee before bed. Armed in my rain gear I squatted for approx 20 seconds, by the time I got back in my tent you could have read a bedtime story in braile on my backside.Another day of snow and mosquitoes but not nearly as bad as yesterday. A climb up to elevation, near the top again is where the trail disappears. I was wishing for the little orange triangles we have on our NZ bush.We ended up at a ski hut, it was a log cabin that was available for public use. I melted some snow to drink and bathe in and we started a fire.

3 thoughts on “Day 48

  1. What an education you are giving me Irene! I’d never heard of PCT before but now I’m following a couple of others as well as yourself. Made a mistake though- I let Mary read your post and she will DEFINITELY NOT entertain any thoughts of PCT šŸ˜¦ . Like you, many hikers seems to be experiencing lots of snow which I think is unusual in mid June.
    “Keep er lit” as they say here!!


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