Day 45

Back on trail today! Wow it feels good. I met Carmen (my friend from home) and her flying Dutch crew in a town called Sister’s. They had flipped up from Kennedy Meadows and we’re heading south. I had flipped up to Sister’s and was going to go North but was advised against it due to the snow. So we decided to travel together. After a quick resupply and a visit to REI to buy another pair of micro spikes I found a trail angel to drive us all to the trail head. Patchy snow on trail but no problem at all.

Only 7 miles into the day we came across Dumbell Lake and decided this was what we are hiking the PCT for.

Stunning lake, clear freezing water, not a sound to be heard, we were in paradise.Didn’t take me long to jump in lake for a quick bath with time to dry out on the rocks.

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