Day 59

Resupplied in Ashland, Oregon. Started with a wicked climb, but next day that climb seemed small in comparison. Every day has a climb up and down, I don’t notice it anymore unless it is more than 10 miles or only 4 miles with a 5000 feet elevation gain!

Mt Shasta. Just another magical view

Flying Dutchmen and the Dutchess.

Another awesome tent site.

Small shelter, great night with a fire. Some campers in a van shared a beer with us 👍

More snow!

Crossing the boarder, leaving Oregon back into California!

Cool hut we slept in with the mice. Comfy chairs though!

New level of grubby! Shower tomorrow 🙏

Yum yum. Dehydrated Tabouli with dehydrated mince, mustard and avocado. Next time I pack out an avocado I will make sure it is nearly ripe so I don’t have to carry it for 4 days!

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