Day 34

The last 4 days has been the hardest emotionally for me. I have been sick and also have had to make a decision about where next! But… I am great now and back on track!

I have been staying at Hiker Town, a little place that has bad reviews about not being “female friendly” “owner is rude” but I loved it! Tiny little man made cowboy town. I got a room that I shared with another hiker for $10 each so I was happy.
Getting down off the mountain to warmer weather I felt truely in the desert, Mojave desert it is called.

Getting a ticket for no lights and no seat belt. Our driver said,” just to let u guys know I have an outstanding warrant so one of you might have to drive the truck back to hiker town for me”!

This is the last stop before I have to walk the Las Angeles CA Aquaduct. 24 miles (39km), no shade, no water. A group if us are planning on leaving at 5pm and doing a night walk. Well…. It’s 3pm and I am on my 3rd beer so will let u know how that goes 😀

Snow up ahead… Arrrr

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