30 days

Left Acton KOA campground after a nice hot shower (borrowed a locals soap and shampoo). Felt a million bucks. Leaving camp late as I only had 11 miles to reach Hiker Heaven. Landscape changed from desert shrub n cactus to rocky red canyon.Hiker Heaven is a couple’s home, they host PCT hikers and have been doing this for 21 years. Awesome set up, outdoor showers,. Portaloos (that were very full) they do your washing for u and they have a portacom set up with kitchen, couches and TV hangout. Crazy amount of people tenting and cowboy camping in their back yard. I caught up with a couple of hikers I hadn’t seen for a few days.Slept well but woke feeling like shit. Concrete shoes, the runs and cold sweats… Really had to push myself to get going. Stopped in town for an omelette and packed out half of it in between 2 bits of toast. Back on trail at 10am I was faced with a massive climb in the searing sun (beats the snow). It took me 4 hours to get to the top.By 5pm I had only done 13 miles but couldn’t go any further.
Slept well and slept in… Decided I couldn’t make it very far as still feeling like shit. Some kind of chest cold that felt like daggers in my chest when I coughed. Packed up slowly ate a banana and decided to only walk 13miles today to Casa De Luna, another famous trail angels house.
Slow climb, weaved around 3 mountains and found a nice shady spot for lunch n a lie down. Avocado, hummus and slim Jim salami as my spoon.Amazing place Casa De Luna. Backyard was like a little forest all set up with private tent spots and painted rocks left by the hikers. Red wine and nachos for dinner then the music started! Lots a fun had by all.

About 1am the rains started, by morning most people were soaked through. 4 of us decided to head to town and shared a motel. Cheap and nasty Motel 6 but hot shower and clean clothes helped.

5 thoughts on “30 days

  1. I see the problem… The banana!! Stay away from fruit and veg and you’ll be fine.. cheese wine beer and nachos is proper walking fuel… I’m sat in a nice warm house drinking wine and watching a camino documentary while planning my next one.. trust me there’s no Bananas in my future.
    Buen PCT camino !! 😁😁


  2. is that yellow tail red wine.ahould make dehydrated red wine for you tampers.watching your journey with interest!!!!!


    It’s your neighbor here lol. Caught up with Bindy at a work dinner and he told me what you are doing….like holy moly that is sooooo IMPRESSIVE. You are my new SUPER HERO.
    I asked Bindy about when you would be back next as I was planning on returning your plate with a carrot cake on it. And when he said what you are doing and you won’t be back for at least 3-4months….I’m like well I have that looong to make sure I bake the best carrot cake ever. No pressure.
    Just super supportive of what you are doing!! Go Irene Go….


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