Day 26

Back on trail, felt good. Wrightwood to Glenwood camp. An amazing walk in the fresh snow, I had never seen trees laden with snow!It was fun running the gauntlet and trying to avoid the frozen bombs that were sure to land on my head and the back of my neck. Bear country now so I kept stopping in the hope I would see one, no such luck, but I made sure all my food was safe in the odour proof bags at night in my tent. I started a fire at my camp but still didn’t help with the cold. Last week, nights have been about 32 which is zero degrees. My new thermal liner is very much appreciated! Next day was more of the same, high winds, hail and a little rain, but the hardest thing is it’s freezing! I needed to get down out of elevation so I pushed for a 27 mile day (44 km)I was feeling good till the last mile when I fell and rolled my ankle. Breathing through the pain I did the last mile to Acton KOA campground. I arrived in camp about 7.30pm. Some of the guys had ordered a box of beers so I heated up my food, downed a couple of beers and slept..Really! Where is this trail taking me?Poodle dog bush. Worse than poison oak. Beware!

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