Day 24

27 miles (44km)
Headed out early. Charles went ahead as he is super fast. I loaded up with 4 litres of water as today is a dry section for 22 miles. Heavy bag and a 20 mile climb of 5500 feet I was a little nervous. Climb was pretty easy as gradient was gentle, it just never ended.First day today my shoulder was not in big pain (just little pain) I broke the climb into 2 hour sections.
New lunch today, tortilla, Tabouli, salami stick and cheese it’s!By the time I reached the top the weather changed drastically, freezing cold, windy and threatening snow. I needed to get off this mountain as quick as I could. 6 miles down hill, I ran most of it just to keep warm. Wrightwood is a small ski resort, very cute but very expensive. Charles and I found a hotel and managed to get 3 other hikers to share. 5 in a room and still $40 each. A couple of red wines a fresh green salad and I felt great considering the 44km I just walked.

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