Day 21 and 22

Day 21 – 22 miles
Only 2 miles to the hot springs. Still climbing through the canyon, so was surprised to see the rock pools and even more surprised they were as hot as our spa at home, with added slime. Took 4 hours to get out of the canyon and then another 4 hours in desert again. I headed to a picnic spot that was 22 miles away, I was lured by the promise of beer and pizza delivery to this spot! Was it worth it? Well… The 22 Miles (35km) damn near broke me, the last 2 hours the black clouds were getting blacker and the wind chill was down to 1 degree. Got to the shelter about 6.30pm and 3 of us ordered pizza each and a box of beer. 8pm it finally arrived (way past my bed time) by this stage the temperature was down to zero hands were frozen, still tasted good but I could only manage one beer before I crawled into my tent for a rainy night.
Day 22
Today was the walk into Cajon Pass and the famous McDonalds stop!Man, I was still eating left over pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner. But I managed to squeeze in a caramel Sunday😀
I meet a guy on trial who offered to share a room at the Best Western. So got a shower and my washing done. Big climb tomorrow!

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