36 days

AWESOME night! Heading out of Hiker Town at 6pm to tackle the supposedly long, boring, waterless stretch of the LA Aquaduct. It was a hot day, 88 F 31 C but it was a cool calm night. I think about 30 people in total started drifting out of town from about 5pm. I had met up with Kirsty and Gables again after about 2 weeks, Blender, Fire Fox, and Peter, we all left together. Huge stands of Joshua trees followed us for miles, rumour has it they “walk” at night.The sun went down and it got cold quick. We walked in 2 hour stints and then rested a few minutes. Mood was light, we walked talked and laughedWe packed out a bottle of red wine (for warmth) and ate chippies along the breaks. Who needs water when u have wine! Looking for taranjulas in the sand, we found none. Instead the ground was alive with Kangaroo rats, cute long tail mice looking things. Also stopping often to listen to the packs of Coyote’s howling in the backgroundArriving at about 1am (7hrs walking) supposedly there is a bridge somewhere here with a water source, we only needed it for the morning so just looked for a place to cowboy camp. I fell asleep in the desert, under the stars, listening to the Coyote’s.LA Aquaduct, one of my best days trail!

2 thoughts on “36 days

  1. Gosh it sounds like clear that one could feel that t  can get very lonely⁷..so let’s sing the skyes blue. How does it go..kimbyar my lord kimber my oh lord limyaŕýar. Xxx nightSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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