Day 13 14 15 ( I think)

Day 13 – 18 miles
Slow snow walk this morning 3 miles took me 2.5 hrs. Something about walking down the side of a mountain covered in snow that makes me concentrate more than I have ever concentrated!

I am loving the pine Forest after 200 miles of scrub, Mt San Jacinto is truly beautiful.
Once off the top of the mountain came a harrrdd looong walk down, I headed for a place on the map that had a faucet. A faucet in the middle of the desert, I could wash my feet tonight!

Day 14 – 20 miles
Leaving camp and headed down to what looked like a huge dry river bed. I was walking across sand and Rock for 60 min to get to the other side. In the distance I could see 1000’s of windmills, I soon understood why, it was like walking 90 mile beach all over again howling wind, sand blasted legs.

I camped beside Missions Creek to start early with the climb.

Day 15 – 15 miles
8500 feet (2600 meters) not only was it a massive climbing day, the first 10 miles of trail had been washed out in a huge flood February this year.

The flood was after the fires they had a year ago in Southern California. At times the trail had been washed out and I had to cross the same river at least 16 times in the 10 miles. I had to use my map a lot to get back on trail. After the wash out cane the eerie feeling of walking miles over s burnt out mountain, this had it’s own problems of fallen trees and landslides to navigate.


nd to top it off after 8 hours walking a storm hit with thunder and hail stones. Temperature dropped to below freezing and was my coldest night ever! In camp I met a great bunch of people, we lit a fire and a Taiwanese man played his flute.

Day 16 – Big Bear Lake
Woke to a beautiful day and enjoyed the walk off the mountain. I didn’t know there were so many species of fur trees.

Awesome stay in a little motel. Hot shower, washed ALL my clothes! What does one do when they have to wash everything they own? I wear my rain pants and puffer jacket and nothing else. Spot the hiker hanging out at the laundrette Lol..
I met some locals who took me to a local pub and they shouted me beer and steak! Awesome!

I resupplied for next 6 days, crisp sheets tonight and back on trail tomorrow 😀

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