Day 10, 11 & 12

First hot shower since 25th April…. arrrrrr it was heaven. I am taking my first Zero day! This means 2 nights in town. First night u just arrive, take a complete day off the next day and leave on the day after that.
Stayed in a town called Idylwild, it is a mountain town where tourists come to hike and climb. I shared a room with one of the crew, Teresa, so nice to sleep in a bed and just put our feet up.Had an awesome coffee, bottle of wine and bought my micro spikes.Feeling relaxed, I headed out on the 11th day, up the mountain. And what a beautiful mountain it was.I was feeling truely awesome to be up there amongst the pines and snow. The sun was shining and the landscape was spectacular!It was slow going, I was hoping to make it to a particular camp site but at 5.45 came around a corner and saw heaps more snow. Camp was only 3 miles away but I decided I couldn’t it tonight so found a nice little place nestled amongst some rocks.

2 thoughts on “Day 10, 11 & 12

  1. Your rocking along Irene!! I can’t believe your that far up already… Idyllwild is stunning…beautiful forest and streams…a change from the desert to your right.
    Zella and I had lunch there as we were riding to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree which is down the mountains to your right… next bit you’ll be skirting around the back of LA and over to Crestline, which again is stunning country and quite mountainous.
    We really enjoy the posts Irene.
    Keep up the great work !


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