Day 5 & 6 Julian – 20km

Cruisy day, woke dry and warm. Today we were heading to town to resupply. Short 10km walk before a hitch to town .(19km away )
Hikers got free apple pie, ice cream and a drink at Mom’s pie shop, Legend! Off to store to buy supply’s for 1.5 days then to pub for cold beer and pizza.

One turned into two, Daniel (now Jenga, another story) and I decided to get back on trail as we still had 10km climb to camp site. Ariel stayed for one more beer and somehow managed to find us in the dark.

Day 6. 4 Snake day – 35km
The mountains became even more barren even the cactus would dying. Have been going since 6 a.m. right temperature, stopped at a water cache at 11.30.
Few points for today
Never put your hands near your mouth (6 days without a shower)
Don’t shake hands with anyone (they haven’t showered either)
Even the softest looking plant in the desert has prickles.
Half a muesli bar can last me a mile if I pick all the pieces out of my teeth withy tongue.
4 snakes today, 2 Rattlers and 2 unknowns.

long walk into camp arriving at 6.30pm, feet tired but feeling ok. Just put my bag down and a young trail angel turned up with a box of cold beer and cold cokes! His name was Coach (trail name) he did trail last year and often stops to give hikers free cold drinks. Cold beer, ramen noodles mixed with tuna and instant mashed potatoes 👌
Fell asleep listening to the chorus of the frogs.

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