Day 7 – clean undie day

Had a sleep in, 6.30am. starting to get the hang of this! Hot Israeli coffee to start the day. Sun was hot before 9am. A short walk (13km) this morning to Warner Springs where I pick up my first box, shout out to Judi and Alex Ivimey.
Passed the famous Eagle Rock on the way.

We camped for free at the community center where we had a bucket shower, fill a bucket with cold water, free shampoo and soap put your clothes in the bucket whike you use a pitcher to pour over your head. Clothes are in the bucket getting washed at same time. laundry and body cleaned first time in 7 days, heaven.

I got my trail name today. ‘Rocket’ not for being fast unfortunately but short for snot rocket! Doing what we do on the farm and having the end of a cold I was shooting rockets often. An American from the south was close behind me when I let go of a rocket to one side and then the other, I had no idea he was behind me and I heard “Dan girl, that’s how Y’all do it! ” Lol, I was so embarrassed.
Clean, off to the pub for a burger and beer. Many injuries in camp tonight, some people are taking a few days off and a few leaving the trail. I’m heading out early tomorrow my two friends are also injured and are stopping for a few days so I will be heading out alone.

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