Day 4 – 28km still in the mountains somewhere.

Woke to rain, put on my wet socks, wet shirt, wet buff, wet shoes and wet gloves. No breakfast, folded wet tent and just walked…
Terrain was Rocky and we climbed to about 6000 feet (1800m).steep but alot of zigzaging so not to hard.
I can’t believe the different types of cactus and flowers I am seeing.once again winds were fierce, I have since found out this stretch is windiest in southern California. Winds got up to 90mph. As we got lower and sun broke out we stopped to dry our tents, our clothes had dried on our body.
Had to walk 20 min off trail to find water down a dried up river bed. Another 10km should but us at a possible camp site…. Little did we know it was on top of a ridge and the wind was unforgiving. I now know my z pack tent can survive anything. 7pm when we found camp so not much talking again. Mince, refried beans and parmesan cheese on a tortilla and straight to sleep.Ear plugs in send slept through the flapping and shaking, only woke occasionally when the tent folded flat on my face hehehe

6 thoughts on “Day 4 – 28km still in the mountains somewhere.

  1. Jeeeezus Irene! Bit different to the sunset beach dinners in Bali…. You’re amazing! Look forward to following your journey xxx


  2. Good work miss Irene.
    Not sure if I’ve registered right to follow your travels and blog…hopefully you get this.
    Travel safe, be awesome and enjoy xx
    Lisa Donaldson

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  3. Hard to know what to say Irene. You probably know its still mild in Sydney (23c and dry most days) so I needn’t tell you how pleasant it was walking around Narrabeen Lake on your Day 3 with friends and calling in on Marnie afterwards. So glad you have confidence in your tent. Loving hearing about your days xx


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