Day 1 – Campo (Mexican boarder) to Hausser Creek 24km

Up at 5am, I stayed at Scout and Frodo’s in San Diego. Scout and Frodo host approx 30 PCT walkers each night.they pick you up from airport take you shopping if you need it. Dinner and breakfast and then drop you out at the trail head. They accept NO money for this! It is a great way to meet other thru hikers as we are all just as nervous as each other about the adventure we are about to begin.I walked alone for awhile and started to think too much about what lay ahead. Then I walked with a German from Bavaria and an Israeli who was also a sergent in the Israeli army (dejavue). The day got hot FAST, I had visions of a desert being flat but this was far from flat. Hills, boulders, cactus, shrubs and poison oak, I saw no rattle snakes but everyone else in our group did. Apparently I walked right past 2, oh well tomorrow is another dayI surely felt the heat, feet were good but fatigue was real by 4pm when we stopped. Still struggle to think I will walk in this desert for 700 miles. We camped by a river, about 10 tents and all people we knew from the morning

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