Day 3 Maunganui Bluff to Ureta 30km

Day started out good, but the beach the sand the wind and rain soon took it’s toll. The tides were on my side as high tide wasn’t until 3 p.m.. my plan was to hit the 20 km mark and then take an hour off put my feet up and cook some hot lunch. It didn’t quite happen like this it took me longer to walk to 20 km by the time I got to that point they only had about 2 hours before I would be walking in soft sand so I decided to cold soak my couscous, add tuna and only 10 minutes.
There was no way I could walk the last 10 km in soft sand so I walked on. I made it to Utea to find a lovely couple who had made their home into a makeshift backpackers. You could sleep in your tent or they offered a small cabin, I opted for the cabin (pure luxury) feet are in ok shape need to have a little bit of care, knee a little sore but I’m sure a sleep will help nice warm kitchen to sit and talk to in and a bed

One thought on “Day 3 Maunganui Bluff to Ureta 30km

  1. I’m feeling for you Irene. I have a breast screening scan today (just routine) which I now realise will be relatively easy. Don’t envy you the sand walking – the slight slope played havoc with my hips when I did 4km of it some years ago. Your writing about things is brilliant. Take care xx v


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