Day 2 Twilight Bay – Maunganui Bluff 28km

What a night… Thank goodness for my earplugs, fell asleep in a howling gail with tent flapping around like Marilyn’s skirt. Woke once (or 20 times) with sideways rain driving onto my face. Managed to readjust my walking poles (which were holding up my tent) and retie the only 2 tent pegs I had. Earplugs in and back to sleep… Weather got worse… Only thing holding my tent to the ground now was me sitting cross legged grabbing the poles to keep them standing. Decided to put on my rain gear and dragged my tent into the cooking shelter for rest of night.
Hit the track in the rain, over a couple of ridges before I hit 90 mile beach. Wow, what a sight!
I didn’t feel like that 26km later!
Thunderous waves, 5 seagulls, 2 buses, 2 dead seals, 52 shells later the tide was nearly high so I headed into the dunes for a rest and address my feet.
Last 10km was painful but a hot meal and cold wash feels great. I have adjusted my tent and found an extra peg so think tonight will be fine. 30km tomorrow, a little daunting so hope to sleep well.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Twilight Bay – Maunganui Bluff 28km

  1. Wow what a night for you. Full on eh. Sounds like an amazing adventure. Good on you for taking up the challenge. Are you doing it by yourself?


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