Day 4 Ureta to Ahipara 32km

Had a great sleep, woke to pouring rain but by the time I had breakfast, taped my feet and knee hit the beach it was glorious sunshine and SW winds. Turned into a fierce southerly (head wind) Winds.. Wholly fck, it felt like 2 steps forward and I back, I couldn’t use my poles at times as I moved them forward they would blow into my legs and trip me up. Wow what can I say.. I said on the Camino you go through 3 stages, the Body Mind then the Soul. Well Cape Reinga to Ahipara has all 3 stages in 4 days. Painful on the Body, messes with your Mind and destroys your Soul.
Got off the beach and saw 2 guys getting in their car, they looked like backpackers so I asked them for a ride to Kaitaia. I was then picked up by Trail Angels, Rosanne and Gavin from Carpet Court Kaitaia. They took me home for a hot shower, hot meal and a very comfy bed!!

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