Santiago de Compostela 10km

Wasn’t going to post today as far too emotional.

As usual I slept in and we were last to leave alburgue, but this time I think I was the slowest walker.. Don’t think I wanted it to end.

Silvana rang me early to wish me luck. When she rung I was just thinking how much I have loved the routine, focus, direction and feeling of helping and being helped, but it was coming to an end. And it is coming to an end…
Silvana was so excited to tell me how it was just today she truely felt she has found her direction and was looking forward to the routine, direction and focus! This is when the tears started (and haven’t stopped yet). We made it to SANTIAGO 800KM!

Went to our air bnb where we were meeting the Italian mob and Ron.. Amazing apartment, we thought we were in heaven!! Guys were going to cook and wanted to suprise us with what. Hmmm.

I had organised to meet up with #andywild, a guy I had met on the Camino forum 2 months before I left NZ. Andy started 5 days before me but we kept in touch and met for the first time in Santiago. So special to share our journey in person.

Next was catching up with Toni, Toni was my first friend on the Camino and has a happy caring heart that loves life.

The night ended with lots of stories, laughs and thoughts of what the next part if the journey could possibly bring xxx

4 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostela 10km

  1. So impressed and am also a bit sad it is ending as I have enjoyed living vicariously through your experiences. Are you doing the other trip by foot or bus? Love to you both!


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