Final post

3 days since we were in Santiago, but I haven’t hung up my shoes yet. A mixture of walking, bus and hitch hiking we managed to get to Finisterre and then to Muxia.

Finisterre, is the final destination for many pilgrims and means “land ends”. A ritual here is to burn your clothes at the lighthouse, but no way was this gunna happen! I only had 2 T shirts and I still need them to get home (also it was far too cold and windy at the end of the earth)

Cooked our final meal with Ron, Andrea and Rebecca, crisp sheets, towels but I still miss the bustle of alburgue life. We chatted about what the Camino meant to us and how it has changed our lives. Ron, the young Israeli has shown me anything is possible, always be positive and fully understand the result of the decisions you make (be prepared). Andrea taught me to listen, his broken English/Italian made me stop and listen as he had meaningful thoughts I wanted to hear. Also, his laugh was infectious “Grande!!” my heart will stay with my Camino family.

Next day we were on our way to Muxia (walking) made it about 15km before we stopped for lunch of octopus (of course) not sure if it was bottle of wine or Bindi shin splints but we decided to hitch the next 15km.

Muxia… Stunning, beach, sun, hotel, sheets, towels, seafood. Bindi and I wasted 2 glorious days here before I head home and he heads to Russia.

Not sure if I have said it before but this is an experience of a lifetime and I highly recommend people doing this walk. Sounds harder than it is, as you get into it you quickly find out how easy everything is.
Super cheap, somewhere to sleep every night, don’t need to book $9 NZ, food n water everywhere, ages 5-70″s
(that I met) and everything you own on your back.

This is my last post till my next adventure… Maybe the Japanese Camino xx

4 thoughts on “Final post

  1. Well darl what can one
    Except well done
    U. Cant wait to hear all the stories and tall tails. Im sure this trip would have changed s few mind sets just dont lose our nutty friend who loves to take chances laughter real wine and who just gives so much of yourself
    Safe Travels home super MUM. See you down under πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜


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