Lavacolla 32km

Turned out to be longer day then we thought. Yesterday I was starting to cramp in my feet after about 20km so was a little concerned how I would be, no way do I want to hobble into Santiago (looking like I just walked 800km) 10km out of town I found a pharmacy and got some high strength magnesium…
Passed through a small village called Saint Irene.


fired ahead and was talking to a guy from Texas called Corky, I was cruising listening to my music and realised we had missed the turn off and were now off the trail. I tried to whistle Bindi down but too late, arrived in a totally different town before I caught them so decided to stop for lunch… Well amazing meal, too much wine we woddled out of there to tackle the last 10km.

Great day, 32km later arrived in small village 10km short of Santiago. Lovely room with us 3 and 3 Italian ladies (who complained about everything, including Corky leaving the toothpaste on the sink for me to borrow)
Feels kinda strange to think this journey is coming to an end. I have mixed feelings about what the journey has meant to me and the many things I know I am going to take away with me. Good Times, many new friends, stories, tears, laughter all in many languages. We really are all one world.
We have an air bnb booked for next 2 nights reunited with our friends, the Italian mob, Claudio, Andrea, Edwardo, Eleseo and Ron the Israeli. Thinking of you Kathrynne xxx

One thought on “Lavacolla 32km

  1. Way to go you guys hard to believe your almost at the end of this fantastic journey
    .I imagine you have learnt so much about yourself question is what mad scene you will come up with now you know how far you can push yoursèlf. Waiting with bated breath
    Take care travel safe for the rest of your journey xx

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