Aruza 27km

Today was a food and helping day. Bindi headed out with a bounce in his step and I could hardly keep up. Breakfast stop was planned in a town called Melida. Melida is famous for its pulpo (boiled octopus). By now I am nearly sprinting behind Bindi as he made a beeline for a restaurant that was recommended by someone on the trail. I wasn’t quite as excited when I saw the large pots on the fire full to the brim (lucky they weren’t alive) the place was filling up fast so we took our seat, ordered a bottle of Ribereiro (white wine, also recommended) and a massive salad.

Back on the trail again at 11am merry from the wine and satisfico from the pulpo. On the way we came across a couple from Texas, he was suffering from major blisters and they had no gear to attend to them. Saint Irene to the rescue, they were soooo appreciative by the time I fixed them up.

Onwards a few more hours through more eucalyptus lined paths until we came to another small village, Bindi wanted to stop for another beer… We met a Cuban lady who was suffering from painful shins, Saint Irene had some ibroprufen gel to help.

Next mission was get to Aruza find a bed and head out to find cheese. Aruza is famous for its cheese… Oh it was good! We had with brandy (bindi”s new favourite)

Dinner we met up with Paul and Mary, an Irish couple we keep meeting on The Way. Many laughs and 3 bottles of red wine later we made it back to our alburgue, big day tomorrow 28km (I think)

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