Pontecampana 31km

Forgot to mention how much we love Spain, 3 brandies, 1 beer and 1 wine €7….

Big day today so dragged myself out of bed at 6.40am, Bindi had already left. Traffic was heavy for first hour or so but then thinned out. Walked on my own for first few hours, alot of Uphill walking. Ron caught up and the vibe felt familiar again as we listened to his music and whizzed past the newbies.

Met with Bindi and the 3 of us passed over rolling hills and dirt tracks. We left Ron in Palas de Rei where he was stopping for the night. We carried on through farm hamlets and eucalyptus forests.

Feet were starting to burn so we found a place to eat off the trail, pizza, beer and the local herbal liquor warmed the body enough for us to tackle last 6km.
Feeling a little strange as we only have about 64km to go, that number seems so small compared to the 800km I started with. 800km to me was incomprehensible 4 weeks ago… I was told that the walk is broken into 3 parts. The first part is for the body, second part is for the mind and last part is for the soul. This is sooo true, my experiences have contributed to each and everyone of these things.

We are in a small village tonight with only 18 beds (9 bunks, I’m on top again!) communal dinner, which is always great as you meet new people.

Tonight is special as it is soccer finals, Madrid (Spain) and Liverpool (England) expecting a little excitement⚽⚽

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