Sarria to Pontomarina 22km

Somber morning for me as we parted from Kathrynne and rest of group decided to meet in Santiago for a final goodbye. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling as I hit the trail with Bindi.

So many more people I started to feel like they were intruding on our “Way”. FYI, Sarria is where many pilgrims join as this is the last 100km. You only need to walk this section to receive your compostela . The compostela is your ticket to heaven…. Hence the number of walkers triple, at first their chatter and clean shoes bugged me as they had no idea what it felt like to walk 800km… I soon realised everyone of these people had their own story and were on their own journey just as special.

We stopped at an old ladies house she had a small donativo (donation) stand where I had the best homemade cheese at her gateway.

We decided to keep going to final destination where we would eat our bread, chorizo and cheese out of my bag. Alburgue was good for €6 but we got crowded room, set up then went out to bar for some brandy (bindi was recommended this by someone) lovely… By time we got back to alburgue we peeked into other room and saw it was nearly empty so we packed up our gear off top bunks and moved… Yea, pushed bunks together and got bottom bunk with hardly any people. Bottle of red wine, one glass jar to share (bindi found this in rubbish bin and washed it for us) one set of earphones, “Netflix n chill”

One thought on “Sarria to Pontomarina 22km

  1. So now what have yòur fiñished yòùr walk ñew or ďò have round two sþiĺl to come. It has ģònè sò fast for me seeing yòur nìģhtĺy bĺòģ. Ñex min……finished
    !!!!!! Takè çare Anďy traveĺ. Sàfe chèeŕs
    Ruthe xx


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