El Cebriero to Sarria to 18km

Short walk today, as we want to get to Sarria early. Me Kathrynne and Ron walked together all day trying not think that this is our last day together (till the next one) Bindi left early and took a different route.

Definitely a different feel on the trail, many walkers with clean shoes and small day bags. We did what we normally do sing and laugh on the trail, we may have looked slightly mad or totally content.

“It is better to give than to receive” hand on heart I can now truly say I know what this means, even if it is just a positive comment, praise or a sandwich.
We arrived in Sarria about 1pm to book into air bnb, the crew slowly drifted in and we were all excited to get to the supermarket and get bbq ready.

Great meal, great friends and special times. I am constantly surprised by the depth of conversation around feelings, especially from the guys. It is great to be with people who can speak from the heart (especially the guys) maybe it is because English is not their first language that they just say what they think….
I feel so blessed to have met and travelled with these guys, I will never forget.

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