O Cebriero to Triacastelo – 22km

I have given up on how many days I have walked as I am loosing track of days. We have entered the Galicia region, known for its greenery, flowing water and seafood. Here we will eat more pulpo (octopus) than we can imagine.
Steep climb out of village today to 1250mtrs. Beautiful valley, very green with purple fields of Heather.

Passed through about 6 small hamlets where I stopped for coffee or fresh squeezed orange or potato torta. Walked with a Columbian man who was a sculpter using stainless steel. He commissions large pieces of works for city councils and corporate companies, he gains his inspiration from his travels.
What goes up must come down and it was a steep decent.

Found Bindi about lunch time in a small pub, he too had a magical walk.
6 of us tonight in a small alburgue, very nice with only 6 bunks in the room and our own bathroom. We plan to cook together tonight as we have small kitchen. Tomorrow we walk to Sarria where we have booked a air bnb for the 8 of us, as it is Kathrynne’s last night. Will try not to think to much about this now..
Bindi and I cooked for the guys tonight. Pasta of course, with a Silvana salad, goats cheese and crunchy baggette.

5 thoughts on “O Cebriero to Triacastelo – 22km

  1. Its Friday night (7pm). Im on my way to you (well at least Spain) tomorrow morning, Buen Camino sister. LOVE you and your journey so far.
    Im both very excited and equally nervous.
    I am certain our stories of a great but enduring walk will have us laughing and reminiscing for many hours together.


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