Day 16,17,18 (I think K)

Approx 105km in last few days. Wow not sure where the last 3 days went but I know I walked a lot… Blisters on both heels now make every step painful. The road has been long and slow and flat and boring, but the people once again have got me through. Lucky the blisters are only small and we have a rest day coming.

I learnt how to give a pilgrims hug the other day from a big bear of a man in a voluntar Alburgue lean your head to the right of his head that way both your hearts touch, this is a true pilgrim hug. I also found a village that stores wine in caves in the hills, temputure consistent, would be great fir salami!!
Into Mansilla de Las Mulas was a long hard day, Katherynne stayed with me all day and I really needed it. We considered taxi, truck, motorbike… anything that went passed we thought of ourselves on/in it. But this day was special, Bindi was meeting us in town. We got a photo on our group what’s app and it was a photo of Ron and Bindi, they guys recognised each other from the photos, by the time we hobbled into town they were in a bar drinking beer. Lucky tonight in our alburgue as we had a room for only 10 and a kitchen so guys cooked another memorable meal.

Walk to Leon was short 20km, we were super excited to get to air bnb we had booked for all 9 of us. Washing done, shower had, small sleep, we hit the town. León fantastic old city with many small alleys of bars. Beers cheap about $2.50 and every drink comes with a free tapa. So we ate n drunk our way around town.

3 thoughts on “Day 16,17,18 (I think K)

  1. You wouldn’t believe how unsettling it was the last two days NOT having your posts. It’s become my daily treat imagining myself en route with you – no blisters of course. Thanks for sharing


  2. It’s going to be very hard to come home after all those $2.50 beers! Sounds like a great adventure. Just completed my TRX class, I am just off to cafe for a Late!


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