Day 20 León to San Martin del Camino 26km

We started late as it was so hard to get out of bed in the air bnb, but we knew if we didn’t get going we would never get anywhere. Last night we planned the next 5 days or so, we’ll that went out the window fast!! Today we were supposed to walk 32km, we had to stop at 26km😀

It was 8km of city walking to get out of Leon and then walking beside a highway most of the day. Definitely zone out time, headphones on so you don’t hear cars and just walk. Stopped for lunch with Ron and Kathrynne in a paddock under a tree, bread, chorizos, boiled egg, the best! Tiny little alburgue with about 20 beds in one room, am sure the bunks only had 5 springs (think I will take mattress off bed n put on floor)

we cooked a basic pasta dinner. Bindi bought a bottle of red wine for $1.25 and it tasted like it 😀

Blisters are near gone, good day today

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