Day 16 – 23km

Such a funny night., the alburgue we stayed in was an old monastery that was run by nuns. We had a curfew of 10pm. 10pm exactly she came into our room of approx 10 single beds and actually did a head count! Of course we couldn’t stop ourselves giggling, one of the Italian guys was missing so she marched off to the toilet and escorted him back. By this stage we were hysterical!!

I had to be woken up again, and thought to myself OK.. Get a move on or I will never get nowhere.!! Simple thought but is true of life.

Average day today but it is known to be the hardest longest stretch of 17.5km with no food or water stops, so we were prepared.
Actually I was not prepared for the 40km winds for 4 hours.

Once again, I put on my head phones and marched it out. No song of the day for me today just anything to get me there. I did talk to a man who asked me why I was walking the Camino? He explained to me his son (30yrs old) asked him to walk with him as growing up he never really got to know his father as he was busy working. His father agreed, as he also longed to build the missed year’s. I’m not sure how this happened but all evening, as we cooked a meal each if us talked about our family. There was tears when talk of grandparents passing, and laughter of sibling stories. I can’t wait to share this experience with Bindi as everyday is so simple, yet means so much.

One thought on “Day 16 – 23km

  1. Hi mate. I surpoŕt you in every thing ýoù ďo. Just take care. Question… why don’t ù. Buy a donkey to caŕry all yòur.


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