Day 12 n 13

Day 12. Age’s to Burgos – 23kmDay 13 – Burgos

Day of rest! Heaven, slept in till 9am (after a big night) we all got so excited about having our own place that the guys went crazy in supermarket for food n wine. Burgos is a beautiful city with a massive cathedral. Checked out at 1pm then checked into the municipal (€5 for night) then spent the day exploring the city. Kathrynne and I got a pedicure, we also got out of cooking dinner tonight as the municipal didn’t have a kitchen… Oh well, always tomorrow night. Everyone a little quiet tonight, I think we are all a little worried about the 33km walk in morning after our day off..


13. BURGOS to Hondanas 33KM!
WHOLLY shit it is hard to start out with thoughts on how the day ended as this was the hardest but most memorable stretch. We r on the Meseta which is described as the hottest, flat boring section (most people get a bus or hire a bike) it wasn’t that at all. The thought of hard walking made us focus on music! We now have Camino song competition going. We found the magic fountain of San Bol, we soaked our feet in the fountain and is supposed to cure all pilgrim pain.
A few things came out for me today “for every step you take forward you can never go back” and the other one was Kathrynne telling me that she noticed every night we go to bed she hears me giggling, she laughs and falls asleep easy. This makes me think, it feels good to go to sleep laughing!!

3 thoughts on “Day 12 n 13

  1. Oh Irene looks like you are having the most awesome time. Im loving watching the days and nights you are having. Keep up the fun and keep walking hehehe 🙂

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