Day 12. Age’s to Burgos – 23km

Boring day walking but I had a “I love life moment” on the way.

Coffee on the trail again by Ron the Israeli. Coffee is called kardomom kaffee. By the time the pot has boiled we have invited anyone passing to sit. It’s amazing what comes out of people’s back packs and before we know it we have a feast.

Last 5km into town was tough but what kept us going was the thought of the Airbnb we had booked.
Luxury!! 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, our own kitchen towels and sheets (no sleeping bag) The chefs are going to cook up a storm tonight.

3 thoughts on “Day 12. Age’s to Burgos – 23km

  1. That path of rocks looks pretty intense ….How are you finding your Air BnB’s mate? just using Mr google searches or has someone in your merry band got an app or book with them listed? Sounds like a dream to me.


  2. EXCELLENT. I will endeavour to also get the app. Im pleased to read you have not had any foot woes my friend. Keep up the brilliant blog and the walking hun.


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