Day 10 and 11

Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado – 23km

Felt like a short day, even though many still hobble into town. We stayed in small alburgue on outskirts of town due to municipal being full. We were well ready to stop for the day. Once again the Italian chefs cooked for us, €15 in total spent today including accommodation. So cheap.

Day 11

Belorado to Ages – 28km

Slept in again. We were last to leave. Think we are all a little tired. Long day coming up as supposedly hostels full so have to walk further… Oh well, we have all day 😀

Change of landscape, pine forests and looong stone roads. We all ended up with sunburn as the intensity was a shock compared to last 10 days.

First time today I really regret I don’t speak Italian (sorry mum) quite humbling as most people I meet here speak more than one language. Our group for example speak at least different 7 languages.

Early night tonight and we have a air bnb booked for Burgos which means a rest day (party night) 😀

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