Day 14 – Hontanas to Boadilla el Camino. 28km

Not sure where to start… Last night ended up a late one as a guy on the way who we all knew was still walking at 10pm as last town was full. Not sure how I did it in Spanish but I managed to convince the hostel owner to drive me out on the trail to pick up a fellow pelegrino. I’m tired.

We walked through many old villages, still blows me away to understand how old these buildings are.

The terrain changed today still many fields of wheat but now seeding. The wind on the wheat sounded like a rattle, this was for about 8km.
Just when I thought things were good I looked up to see the path weave up a big hill, 1km long, 12 degrees gradient (bring it on).
Next was fields of irrigation, this I have not seen so far, tells me temperature and region is changing.

I read about a small place just off the trail that has a spring fed pool that will cure any foot ailments you have. We soaked our feet and drunk tea

We ended up in an alburgue with a massive garden. Rooms were great as they were like small dormitories, Edwardo went ahead of us and managed to get a bed for us all. Clean, fresh and a small blister I quickly made my way to the garden with cold bottle of wine. This a typical day on The Way. Xx

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