Rome, Siena and Venice

Leaving the island of Krk heading to Venice added another experience to my riding belt. Crossing the below bridge was the worst wind I had even ridden in. (That’s saying something as we have WIND at home). It was like a hard kick to the side of my bike that would throw me to the right or the left, I couldn’t judge when or where it was going to come from next and to make matters worse I was in 1st gear because of the traffic! I tried to hold my middle line, gripping the handle bars and praying for one if those 8km tunnels at 35 degrees 🤣🤣

Arrived in Venice and instantly noticed a difference in the driver’s attitudes! Round abouts were confusing but we managed.  Accomodation was challenging but we found a room in Alani’s house (Italian/Iraq).   Born in Iraq, gained political asylum in Holland and now lives in Venice as an artist/political activist.  We left our bikes in Venice at the BMW shop for a service and some TLC and trained to Rome to start a 10 day trip with Luis and Rubina.

Alani from Venice

ROMA! What can I say, amazing history with so much to see (along with millions of tourists, not use to this)  Was awesome to catch up with Luis and Rubina, they left NZ  8 months ago to live in Vienna (Austria) Lots of laughs and good times

We bought a hop on hop off bus ticket and headed for the sites.  Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore

Spent a full day at the Colosseum, a truly magnificent place with so many stories

Other sites we visited were Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia, Vatican (only on the outside as no tickets available. 

Next stop Siena, wow what a contrast to Roma, heaps less crowds, tiny enchanting streets and once again the history!

Piazza del Duomo, Torre del Mangia, and Piazza del Campo, where a horse race is held twice a year. And let’s not forget the wine! We did a wine tour at a small local vineyard that turned out to be the beat food and wine that we have had so far in Italy

Last stop Venice, the 2 days planned here turned into 1 day due the the train strike going on. We left Sienna about 7.30am to be on time for our train… sitting comfortably ready for take off when some one came along and said “GET OFF! GET OFF THE TRAIN” well that was the end of that… frantically trying to get busses etc (along with the other 1000 people 🙄) Luis got us to Florence and then arriving in Venice about 10pm.

Venice by night 🌙

Once again among the masses yet still enjoyed the craziness of Venice with the canals n small streets that lead to more canals

We left Luis and Rubina, who were going back to Austria and we headed to go collect our motorbikes and start our journey south to Calabria and then Sicily. Boy it felt GREAT to be back on my bike!!

Camping Paradiso, Carpegna

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