An awesome time in Austria, I totally underestimated this place. Travelling through the Austrian Alps we went over the Grossglockner Pass.  Highest pass in Europe, roads weren’t as scary but once again scenery breathtaking. Mountains, rivers, green fields and plenty of flowers

Gmund, Austria

Leaving Austria we passed through Slovenia, on observation a very poor country.  Road through an 8km tunnel, very busy and got up to 35 degrees, was sure glad to get out of there.  Decided to take the autobahn to Croatia as we were craving the sea.  Kinda scary travelling with many cars and big trucks at 130km after the peacefulness of the mountains.

Arrived at our campground that I had booked on Air bnb.  Cheapest thing we could find as all where booked out or a ridiculous price.  We’ll, turned out to be a couple of old guys who had turned there hillside farm into a campground.  Once I got over the smell of the cows, sheep, goats, pigs and dogs it was a perfect place! (I thought)

Very quiet, remote and primitive.  They had cleared private sites among the trees and build a long drop and rigged up a hose for a shower on each site.

Left one bike there and went 2 up to explore the beaches.  2 days here and we’re sick of dragging pony shit into our tents so Bindi found us another campground further on an island called Krk.  We feel like we are in 1st class! Real showers, taps, rubbish bins (we must be getting old) and right on the water.

One thing this trip is lacking is camp chairs (Bindi too old to sit on the ground) so far we have manged to beg, borrow or make one. Thinking we could fit a small hammock in our bags (watch this space).  We had a dinner of leftovers out of our cooly bag of cheese, salami, bread and liver wurst.  Yum yum, working through the supplies, only thing we have left is the vegan thing that resembles a salami (Bindi found it in the reduce to clear bin and didn’t have his glasses on )🤣🤣

Set up in our new campground

4 days here has been awesome. Spent our days between the beaches, reading under the olive trees or at the local bar.

Upstairs in the local bar/restaurant. Downstairs is just as rustic sitting under the grapevines

Croatia doesn’t use euro for currency, they use Croatian Kuna. This will change in January 2023 but for now we get stuck with another currency.

I can’t believe I forgot to talk about the figs! It is nearing the end of fig season and as we ride along you can’t miss the sweet smell! The first day here we may have stopped on the road far too many times and over indulged. My tummy told me so next day, Bindi however has an iron gut and couldn’t get enough. Fig trees everywhere!

Our last night in Croatia we treated ourselves and ate out. 2 of the national dishes are suckling pig and octopus (cooked under the lid they say)

Heading to Venice tomorrow, about a 4 hour ride. We are leaving our bikes there and catching a train to Rome where we will meet Luis and Rubina Villa for a 10 day trip of Rome, Sienna and finishing back in Venice to collect our babies (who will be getting a service and a wee rest)


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