Greenstone Track to Te Anau

After 3 days off with AJ, Muzza and Heather was time to detox and get back back on trail. Murray and Heather dropped us at Greenstone track carpark which was a 2.5hr drive from Wanaka. (We had already completed the trail to this point)

This is our last big push to Bluff! We started on trail about 12pm and got to hut about 7pm, 20km. A mixture of awesome beech forest trail (LOVE THAT BEECH)

Arrived at hut as the sun went down over hill but still couldn’t resist the clear deep water of an awesome swimming hole for a quick bath

Long day 26km to Mavora Lake campsite. Half of yesterday and half of today was walking through boggy tussock terrain, yep over it

Another mexican getting thru the Southland boarder🤣🤣

Actually the Mavora Lakes area maybe my least favorable area. The weather is expected to pack in again so we decided to finish this section a day early and get to Te Anau to pick up our food box. It was a 40km hitch starting on a gravel road in middle of nowhere. A couple of guys doing a 4WD adventure stopped and picked us up. Turned out we both knew them, friends/neighbors from Waratah Farms! “2 degrees of separation”

Bindi found a beer🍺 Think we need a wash

A night in Te Anau, it rained all night. Felt pretty good to be tucked up in a warm bed (think I’m getting soft!) Weather is bad for next 4 days so we have decided to harden up and get moving. Only 7 days go Bluff!

4 thoughts on “Greenstone Track to Te Anau

  1. Way to go, looks like the shoes will be buggered by time you get to bluff. Safe walking for the last leg so proud of you guys. I just cant wait to hear what new ideas Bindi has come up with for a new business venture. Open spaces makes Brain work very clearly heeee xxSent from my Galaxy


  2. Always great 👍following your travels, great and interesting updates and photos.
    Take care and keep safe ,you are both truly inspirational.
    Love 💘and best wishes for your travels.


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