Wanaka onwards….

We have 4 days before AJ Johnson and Murray Lever is meeting us in Wanaka for a well earned 3 days off, so we decided to kick on and we would then hitch back to Wanaka and our comfy Air BnB we have booked.

Motatapu track was great. Different from the terrain we have been in for last week. Gentle bush/beech walk following an awesome river to start.

Then the big climb (again!) heading for Fern Burn hut. Trail was well marked and nicely cleared as we sidled up n over the hills.

Do I take the stairs?.. arr, no😃

Must be close to 28 degrees by the time we hit the hut. We decided to lunch, cold beer (packed out by Bindi of course) and a sleep.  Next section will be tough so waiting for sun to drop a bit and walk the last 4 hours in the evening.

Look what I found just around the next hill😳

Another day of ups n downs, we had 3 big climbs to do and a total of 20km

Actually today was tough, that last hill nearly broke me. It was the sun I’m sure! Down the bottom to a river where we decided to walk in the river for the next 3km. Just what the feet and knees needed, in ice cold water!. Camped beside the river. The last 2 huts have been great but nothing like the tent! This part of the trail went over Shania Twain’s land, the trail was clear and the huts flash (thanks Shania

Hobnail boot from the last person who past thru here….

Walked thru Macetown, population of 0, however in the late 1800’s was a famous gold town. Makes me think of how tough living would have been back then living in this canyon during winter 🥶

Back to civilization, Bindi at the office in Arrowtown!

2 thoughts on “Wanaka onwards….

  1. Looking good guys, bet that stream was just bliss. Big hello to AJ. Take care your doing greatBet that beer just hit the spot xSent from my Galaxy


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