Timber Trail day 5,6 & 7

Day 5 – 33km
Feeling a little knackered today, could have kept sleeping. Once I got into the forest and onto this awesome trail I perked up. Carmen had gone ahead and I was just enjoying this amazing NZ Bush and the well manicured trail.
Met up with Carmen and she had decided she was going to push on to the lodge (40km) and walk out the next day (44km) so we parted ways. I found a nice spot on the side of the trail and since all the bikers had long since gone I didn’t see a soul. Savoury mince and mash potatoes for tea. Yum yum

Day 6 – 32km
Woke up to a light rain (apparently it rained during the night but I didn’t notice) cold oats with protein powder packed up wet tent and walking by 7.45. An eerie morning with the mist n light rain. 1 hr 30 and I made it to the lodge. They told me Carmen wasnt going to walk out today so I was sure to see her on the trail today. Half day was in Bush and half on old timber trail railway. Found Carmen at lunch time. Had a wash n rinsed my shirt in little waterfall (it stunk). Felt great, surprised a biker as I hiked along in my bra while my shirt was drying on top of my pack. Once again my feet ached by end of day but soon forgotten with food and my cozy nest.

Day 7 – 22km and a 120km hitch home
There is something about waking up and knowing today is your last day. Slept a solid 10 hours again, quick pack up, no breakfast as we wanted to hit the trail early, it was going to be a hot one. Trail meandered mainly down hill through bush some forest and logging roads. Ended in Ongahru where we found a hose and tried to wash the 5 day stench off ourselves. The thought of hitching a ride reeking of 5 day old shirt n dirt build up not good. I changed into my only other top, my sleeping top… Awesome got a ride within 10min all the way to Te Awamutu. Once again the Te Araroa Trail has been an awesome experience and each section is so different. Thank you to Carmen Furniss for sharing this section with me, you too are an amazing strong women

3 thoughts on “Timber Trail day 5,6 & 7

  1. Awwww Irene you are such a clever cookie & accomplished hiker!!!! You my dear friend taught me so much and I am very, very grateful to you for sharing your expertise with me …. as I am a blatant beginner!! Love you. Lets do it again soon. xxx

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