Day 2 Honikiwi to Waitomo 18km

Woke to a thick mist, not surprising after a night of torrential rain and wind. Thank goodness for the woolshed covered yards. Started out following a fenceline over farmland, a typical King country farm up and down up and down


and then into the bracken so thick it scratched my legs as I tried to find the trail. . My feet were soaking wet.

The day turned to a clay trail and the familiar mud! Yellow mud, grey mud, red mud and brown mud. Fell on my arse many times.

Many terrains in one day. As we got to into Waitomo forest and the track was taken over by Doc it became easier walking

Stopped for lunch just before we hit Ngatapuwae Rd which was a hot hot walk althe way to the Waitomo Tavern. 😉

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